Adapted tendering concept ensures clear conditions

Centuries-old traditional welding techniques for secondary steel structure are now being revolutionized by modular fast track assembly systems. As a leader in the process industry, Sikla has successfully introduced its siFramo system, meeting the full spectrum of requirements in terms of safety, speed, and cost-efficiency.

While the advantages of the siFramo system are quickly recognized and sometimes lead to immediate implementation, the established tendering process for heavy constructions may not necessarily align with these agile solutions. Ideally, it should be adjusted to the changing conditions, ensuring high efficiency for all project stakeholders.

Weight makes all the difference

The greatest influencing parameters of the siFramo system are evident during the assembly phase. Compared to heavy welded steel structures, with siFramo will be installed a lightweight solution. While conventionally manufactured supports are delivered to the construction site fully welded, the production of supports with Sikla are shifted to the construction site using pre-corrosion-protected individual parts. The tender basis is usually regulated in €/kg. While this can be applied to lightweight systems to some extent, it's important to understand where adjustments are necessary. Weight is the determining factor in this regard.

By adopting a customized tender basis, a mutually advantageous scenario is facilitated for both the investor and the executing assembly company. This approach is pivotal in ensuring the ongoing success of a fast track assembly system.

Support through comprehensive project management is essential

Sikla provides extensive project management support to companies. This includes the development of thorough assembly concepts that leave no room for uncertainty, reducing the risk of claims. Moreover, by combining this with customized tendering processes, transparents is maintained throughout, from goods receipt to final end control, ensuring smooth operations.

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Process plants operate on tight schedules. Once the on-site assembly phase commences, there is no room for lengthy discussions. At that point, "Progress" is the only word that matters. This underscores the importance of saving time and money every single day, achieved not only through timely system delivery but also through clearly defined procedures. The tendering concept aims for speed, eliminates potential claims, ensures clarity, and enhances cost-effectiveness with an optimized workflow. During the engineering and tendering phases, our application engineers and technical consultants provide professional support. We collaborate closely with your project managers, piping leads, and technicians throughout, whether it's facilitating data exchange and documentation in the engineering stage, reviewing and implementing processes before assembly begins, or precisely coordinating our deliveries.

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