Preventive Fire Protection Guidelines & Solutions

The extensive legal regulations, guidelines and standards for preventive fire protection are constantly changing. Identifying them and taking them into account in the currently valid version is a permanent challenge for fire protection experts: planners, testing institutes, legal authorities (…).
In order to best support your work, Sikla summarized these relevant regulations, linking it to possible applications of our product range.

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Fire Protection Guide


Sikla Fire Protection Guidelines are based on the most recent requirements for Fire Protection and provide a clear state-of-the-art orientation. This document provides a summary of the latest technology and information on suitable fire protection fastening solutions based on explanations, diagrams and tables.


You will also find detailed tables providing information on permissible load bearing capacities inclusive deformations of numerous Sikla products and assemblies in case of fire. This ensures a reliable communication between all the parties about fire protection purposes and how to install approved supports.

Have a look in some of the contents:

  • Legal fire protection provision and guidelines
  • Behaviour of structural steel, pipes and fastening products when fire occurs
  • Calculations according with EC3 / DIN EN 1993 - 1 - 2
  • Recommendations for different types of construction


Pipes when fire occurs Pipe fastenings above an independent suspended ceiling in the event of fire.

Testing and Expert Reports

This documents relies on product testing as well as results of cooperation with testing authorities and organizations in Germany and abroad (RAL/ MPA/ IBS).

Product test results were calculated and analysed by the Pipe Fastening Association (RAL)  and by the Material Testing Institutes (MPA). 

This cooperation has enabled us at an early stage to calculate  fastening designs under defined requirements as well as  conduct a scientific analysis of load and deformation values  on specific components from fire tests.

Product tests in accordance with RALProduct tests in accordance with RAL-GZ 656


Expert reports from renowned testing institutes were  conducted to inspect in various practical fastening situations in the event of a fire and analyse them professionally, in  particular by the IBS [12] for ventilation and smoke  extraction systems.

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