How do we ensure product quality?

At Sikla, we always strive to provide reliable products and services that meet the highest quality standards. Our commitment to quality and safety is reflected in our proven and agile quality management system, which is based on continuous improvement and consistent compliance with international standards. We are pleased to present to you today our activities to ensure Sikla product quality.

Quality requirements on the market 

Market requirements must be met without compromise. Quality requirements for a product in the construction industry vary depending on the type of product and the specific construction project.

We focus on the following five most relevant quality requirements in the construction industry:

  1. Safety: Safety is our top priority. Products that are not safe can endanger human lives and have significant legal and financial consequences. 

  1. Functionality: Fulfilling the intended functions is critical as building products must support the main purpose of the structure. 

  1. Durability and stability: The long-term integrity of the structure is of great importance to protect the investment and meet the needs of users over many years.

  1. Compliance with norms and standards: Compliance with industry-specific codes and standards is important to ensure quality, safety and interoperability. 

  1. Sustainability and energy efficiency: Given the increasing importance of environmental aspects and energy efficiency, building products should help to minimize the ecological footprint and conserve resources.


Our quality promise 

Our quality promise is based on the following key principles:  

  1. Certified management systems: We are continuously expanding our certified management systems to meet the highest quality requirements. 

  1. Group-wide guidelines: We are committed to quality in every process step through uniform, Group-wide guidelines.  

  1. Standards and laws: Compliance with standards and legal requirements is anchored in all our business areas. 

  1. Transparency through process documentation: Our comprehensive process documentation ensures clarity and traceability across all activities.

Our mission is to ensure excellent customer experiences and flawless customer relationships. In case of complaints, we analyze thoroughly and solve problems effectively to satisfy our customers. As pioneers in fastening technology, we passionately strive for quality and to do our best together. 

Quality at every stage

We ensure our promise of top performance through the following test processes, among others: 

  • Design verification,
  • validation and release
  • Initial sample and first article inspection
  • Process testing and approval
  • Inspection during production
  • Continuous improvement

Our certifications 

At Sikla, we are proud to underline our commitment to excellence and quality through a diverse range of certifications, approvals and voluntary third-party monitoring. These include, for example

  • SO 9001 and EN 1090
  • FM Approvals
  • VdS-approved products
  • RAL-approved products
  • External monitoring of building products

These recognitions confirm our commitment to the highest standards and offer our customers the trust they deserve - true to the motto #siklasicher. 

You can find an overview of our work and other interesting information regarding our quality management at our website. 

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