Innovative warehousing - Sikla relies on the Kardex Shuttle System

In the world of modern business management, innovative warehousing systems are important to remain competitive and to meet the increasing demands of customers and the general warehousing.


Challenges in warehousing:

  • Saving space and optimising room height
  • Creating an ergonomic working environment
  • Securing stored goods
  • Increased picking speed and accuracy
  • Keeping systems flexible
  • Use modular systems


Sikla is aware of these challenges and therefore relies on forward-looking solutions to optimise its own warehousing. In order to provide customers an excellent delivery service, several Kardex storage lifts were launched at both German sites (Schwenningen / Hagen) in May 2022 and August 2023.


Vertical Lift Modul - Kardex Shuttle:

 A Kardex Shuttle Lift has a total capacity of 43 trays on which various products can be stored and retrieved with high speed and precision. The lifts have a direct connection to the company's internal system and are integrated into all warehouse logistics processes.

Advantages of the Kardex Shuttle Lift:

The trays are delivered fully automatically for processing. The warehouse employee can easily remove the goods to be picked from the compartment, which is illuminated by LED pointers.  Furthermore, all warehouse tasks can be transmitted to the storage lifts in paperless form via the attached touch screens.

In summary, the Kardex Shuttle Lift offers the opportunity to create more capacity in less space, improve inventory control and remain flexible, safe and ergonomic.


Figures / data / facts:

  • Quantity / appliance: 43 trays
  • Max. Load capacity per shelf: 630 kg
  • Tare weight per shelf: 95 kg
  • Storage area per shelf: 3.29 m²
  • Stored goods height from 150 mm height grid: max. 127 mm
  • Storage height from 750 mm Height grid: max. 727 mm





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