On the way to climate neutrality

At a time when climate change is becoming increasingly pressing, companies are increasingly turning to sustainability strategies to reduce their environmental footprint.

One example of this is Sikla's electric mobility initiative, which not only focuses on environmentally friendly transportation, but also improves the employee experience at work.




Sikla aims for climate neutrality by 2030

Sikla has set itself the goal of being climate neutral by 2030.

This includes not only reducing CO2 emissions, but also promoting and implementing measures that contribute to a sustainable future.

One of the central steps on this path is the increased promotion of electric mobility.

To facilitate the use of electric vehicles, Sikla has decided to install charging stations on the company premises.


Conversion for the future: from garage space to charging station

The conversion began in the summer of 2022, with the demolition of three garages to make room for the new charging stations.

The decision to place the charging stations at this location was aimed at providing employees with short distances from the charging station to their workplace.

At the end of November 2022, the four charging stations were assembled and installed so that the first electric vehicles could be charged from January 2023.


Technical details of the charging stations

The charging stations offer two charging points, at which two vehicles can thus be charged at the same time.

The power of each charging pole is 22 kW, which limits the charging capacity per vehicle to a maximum of 11 kW when used simultaneously.

This technical equipment enables efficient charging of electric vehicles during working hours.


The electromobility initiative: charging stations for employees, customers, and suppliers


Use for employees

The Sikla charging stations are not only available for business use but can also be used for private purposes.

Business vehicles are equipped with fuel cards from a well-known energy provider, which are valid for charging throughout Germany.

Employees who wish to charge their private vehicle receive the fuel cards via the accounting department and can charge their car for a set fee.


Sustainability for customers and suppliers

The Sikla electric mobility initiative is not limited to our employees.

External customers and suppliers also could charge their vehicles at Sikla charging stations using their own fuel cards.

With the electric mobility initiative, Sikla is setting an example for the future and proving that sustainable business practices and innovation can go hand in hand.






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